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Rosemary GCF

by Romanciero H of Wonderlady by Wonderful - Goldstern - Servus
born 2003

Champion mare at the show in Tarmstedt in 2006

Dorum final score 7,92 - dressage score 8,375
third place at the Hanover Regional Championships in 2006
victories and placements at riding horse ability classes


Tap-root mare "Sternchen" by Servus - Marcio xx - Czardas AA

born 1980

Sternchen and Wonderlady

"Sternchen" (right) with granddaughter "Wonderlady" by Wonderful of Goldpüppchen by Goldstern - Sternchen

born 1994

"Wonderlady" is the mother from "Rosemary GCF"

At young age, both mares won riding horse ability classes in a row.


brown gelding '86 by Afrikaner - Servus - Marcio xx

Breeder: Johann Blanken, Hof Wentel, Kirchtimke

Sold at DM 50.000,00 to Holger Schmezer at the Elite Spring Auction in 1989
Victorious up to advanced dressage level


black stallion '58 by Poet xx - Waldteufel

Breeder: Michael Blanken, Hof Wentel, Kirchtimke

During his lifetime an active state stud stallion at the Celle National State Stud


with first foal (Goldpüppchen by Goldstern) on the pasture in 1985


by Goldstern - Servus - Marcio xx

Granddam of "Rosemary GCF"

West Point B

black gelding '90 by Westbury - Goldstern - Servus

Sold at the Elite Autumn Auction in 1993
Victories and other placements at dressage competitions up to medium level


mare '88 by Goldstern - Servus - Marcio xx (Full sister of Goldpüppchen)

Following the birth of one foal by Gloster, sold to the stable of the Bartels-family in Hanover at the age of five
Placed up to advanced show jumping level